God Goes to Therapy in "Oh My God!"

A divine comedy by Anat Gov

When God seeks out an earthly therapist to aid him with his wrenching doubt, it is not always clear who is the therapist to whom. Wrestling with doubts of her own, Ella has but one therapy session to convince God not to destroy his creation.

  • "Anat Gov's Oh [My] God! is a treasure. It's a funny, witty, poignant, often brilliant text that asks some intriguing questions about the nature of the Deity and our relationship to Him, all in a delightful 80 minutes that whisk by like five" -- The Jerusalem Post

Our production was directed by Richard Pegg, and was fortunate to have two actors alternating in the role of God, one of them a rabbi! We held talk-backs after the performances to discuss the theological ramifications of a God who needs help.

In September and October of 2018, we held ten performances in the Pluss Theater in the Denver JCC, two in the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, and two in the sanctuary at Hebrew Educational Alliance. A few weeks later, we revived the production at the Boulder JCC. A performance at The Temporary in Basalt, Colorado was planned for March 3, 2019, but had to be cancelled due to a storm.